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Performance Measures• Rheumatology• However, it is more likely for a woman to report the symptoms of the condition than men.

Jahnke V 1991 Diagnostic approach to dysphagia from the ENT viewpoint.

In around twenty elaborate projects — encounters on the phone, instagames, interactive performances, short films, lecture performances and live streams, most of them developed explicitly for virtual spaces — companies from Germany, Austria, El Salvador, France, Israel, Turkey, the USA and Switzerland will present an extensive programme that can be experienced at home, online or strolling through the festival cities.

Vaiman M, Shoval G, Gavriel H 2007 The electrodiagnostic examination of psychogenic swallowing disorders.

It is essential for people who recently had an object lodged in their throat to seek immediate medical attention if they feel the airways are constricted.

Bleeding and Transfusion• This may cause the feeling of the throat still being blocked.

78—82. Literatur [ ]• Coronavirus COVID-19• Professionalism• i32. Cardiology• Women's Health• Caring for the Critically Ill Patient• Globus-Syndrom. Pulmonary Medicine• Melanoma• In: Hosp Med. A person with globus sensation may never need to see a doctor, as the condition is likely to clear up on its own. Gastroesophageal reflux disease Gastroesophageal reflux disease can sometimes cause globus sensation. Population Health• Health Policy• Critical Care Medicine• 2b im NBI-Modus stellt ebenfalls eine zystische Heterotopie dar, daneben zeigen sich vereinzelt weitere typischer erscheindende Heterotopien.