X men days of future past. 11 questions about X

An even better question is, if they've got a guy who can literally stop bullets with time to spare, why doesn't anything think to take him to Paris, given that their entire future hinges on stopping someone being shot? Taking the chemical back to her , and, after reuniting with her , , and , they break out of their camp, and Chrissie uses her newly awakened powers to change into liquid metal and destroy an attacking.

So, the actions of the 1975 X-Men have apparently changed the future dramatically.

In 2001, fans voted the first issue of this storyline the 25th greatest Marvel comic.

Why's everyone suddenly alive when Wolverine wakes up? President Kelly's forces asked for permission to fire at them, but he ordered them to stand down.

Except Stryker is actually Mystique.

But Professor X does remember that a time-travelling Wolverine came to help him out.

This article may be to read and navigate comfortably I've mastered nitpicking and enjoying myself at the same time
To counter the assault, Kitty Pryde reaches out Centrum's final defense: a giant-sized Sentinels then pierce the ceiling, having found Centrum
After Shadowcat learns how to use her abilities to 'phase' someone into their past self, the surviving mutants decide to send someone back in time to the 1970s to prevent Mystique from killing Trask, with Wolverine being selected as the process is so physically dangerous that he is the only person who could survive the strain, making contact with the past versions of Xavier, Hank McCoy and Magneto despite Xavier being currently powerless-using a serum that allows him to walk while suppressing his powers-and Magneto initially in prison for his apparent role in the Kennedy assassination Hiro states that the comic taught him that time is a circle, even though it actually insinuated that time branched
And while this might seem like a nerdish desire for consistency, it's really not While the rest of the X-Men escaped from the ruins of Centrum, Chrissie was able to convince the mutants at the mutant camp to fight with them
Chrissie then asked him to reconsider the mutant reform act Well, that's a story for another day, I suppose
While casual filmgoers might lack the requisite context, comic book fans who have been following the development of X-Men: Days of Future Past and its upcoming sequel, X-Men: Apocalypse, should have a pretty clear idea of what is being depicted; however, before we dig into what the scene hints at, let's start with the basics The episode's title is a reference to Days of Future Past
Meanwhile, President Kelly has hired a team to document footage of mutants killing each other, as soon the American people will vote on whether or not to reform the control act After a fight against and , they are attacked by a new form of the Sentinels
Question 11: Aren't you just nitpicking? But more seriously, here's the thing about continuity In this piece we're going to look at some of the plot threads X-Men: Days Of Future Past seems to have ignored, aborted or otherwise dropped, so don't be surprised if you find a spoiler or two in the mix
But we needed him alive, so let's move on While one was Kelly's, the other two were Chrissie's and Cameron's
The storyline concepts were combined with another alternative future story—that of and the idea of a traitor within the ranks of the X-Men, though Mystique is still responsible for Senator Kelly's assassination The scene opens on a desert environment, revealed to be ancient Egypt, where a hooded figure stands on a sandy hillside, arms outstretched
As the film ends, he reaches out with his hand, and in the second before the scene ends one of the chess pieces moves, as if pulled by a magnet The world of 2013 is not shown again in this story arc; the present-day X-Men are left to ponder whether their future dystopia has been averted or simply delayed
Once the mutants arrived at the church, they heard helicopters and sirens coming at them Cameron showed disapproval of freeing them at that moment, but he was forced to act when Chrissie jumped into action
To be fair, this isn't really a story problem, though it does cause a continuity headache We're waiting for an explanation that isn't coming, instead of investing in the story we're watching
Havok, at least, is alive and part of the mutant battalion in Vietnam which Mystique rescues, though no-one actually uses his name, so if you're bad with faces or can't remember much of a film you saw years ago you might not notice until he uses his powers Chrissie opposed him, and the two siblings started fighting
Seriously, they got almost every X-Men in there, but admittedly not all of them As per usual, those outside of comic book fan circles may be confused by what they saw after sitting through all those end credits, but we're here to help explain
The Uncanny X-Men 141: Days of Future Past But because he's not in the future timeline when it gets erased, he arrives back in his future body in the altered timeline
Question 8: If it's 1975, how come Quicksilver has those over-the-ear headphone separates that didn't seem to exist until about 3 years ago? The ending of the video game is set in a not so distant future where Wolverine in an X-Men costume breaks free from captivity by Bolivar Trask to discover Sentinels have taken over the world Initially players will be able to control , and as they advance further in the game, they will be able to choose between , , and , with , and announced as additional characters, each one with different powers and abilities, which is upgradable as the player progress in the game, by obtaining experience points