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I had things to do, but I just couldn't stop reading until the last emotion-changing page! The Boy Next Door by Ella James was a heart squeezing read that had me hooked from page one. The way he treats Amelia is just wrong. Her dad is mentioned but Manda floats in and out of his life and it has Huge disappointment in this book. Our Hero and Heroine, have been friends since Amelia literally fell into Dash's pool when she was six. A character brutally beats up a bully, smashing head into metal lockers. What can I say about Dash and Amelia? The Boy Next Door started out pretty awesome, there was hilarity left and right and I just loved it. His friend John Trent owes him a huge favor and he decides to call it in.
Not really what I was expecting Almost all of the problems in this book stem from that
To be sure, that should not be mistaken for any endorsement of its merit, but given how little pre-release publicity its distributors bestowed upon it, we were sure expecting something much, much worse While I liked learning the animation industry I felt Nashville could of been fleshed out more
And, when you find out what the secret is, it all makes so much sense and the scenes around the secret and the reveal are handled really, really well and you are ok with it, at least from the standpoint of believing that their relationship could move on from it On the surface, no one extraordinary
The following day, Noah leaves a printer running in Claire's classroom, with pictures of them sleeping together scattered everywhere Not only did The Princess Diaries teach me more about adolescence and New York than my mum I would argue this book kicked off my obsession with romance novels
Overall I The theme of the story, which is Dash's past, is not something I usually read in romance book For the first time in a long time, I am going to love up on the heroine first
I enjoyed reading about them growing up and being so close Dash promises to keep in touch when he leaves for college, but in all the time he's gone, she barely hears from him, until the night of a party that she doesn't want to be at
Maybe not the best place to start, considering there are more popular books of hers I could have started with but I guess it wasn't a too bad introduction to her work Her colleague and best friend Vicky Lansing urges Claire to divorce
We're breaking down the walls and stereotypes I am sure the e-mail format would put some people off - but I thought Meg Cabot did a great job with it and I really didn't want the book to end
Her rebuff doesn't sit well with Noah, whom we slowly learn is in fact a psychotic stalker who grows even more enraged when he catches her responding to Garrett's advances to give their marriage a second chance Mel is a gorgeous heroine; kind, sharp and modern, Nad- her best mate- is fecking hilarious, John is a swoon-worthy liberal hero and his relationship with his brother and sister in law is incredible
One thing you do know about a boy next door from the beginning that remains true upon closer examination is his purity We're not sure what Lopez saw in the material for her to not only star but produce this rehash of 90s exploitation thrillers, but she at least makes her character sympathetic

It definitely can be read as a standalone, as somehow I managed to not read the 1st title in the series, not sure quite how that happened, but other than some minor updates as to where the characters are now, it is not necessary to have read it.

Even given his past, and the secret he bore, I don't think that warranted his behavior or treatment of Amelia.

I felt he was old enough to know right from wrong and the excuses didn't fly with me.

Left me wondering why it was such a big issue for so much of the book? What I particularly enjoyed about this book is the originality of the writing style.

She's trying to escape her shitty date, and who does she run into? Then there's Dolly, she was just too funny.

It was a really good thing to read while answering phones at work.

Honestly, this was my first Meg Cabot novel that I've read though I am very much aware that she wrote the Princess Diaries series that I've been meaning to read when I was still in High School--and now that I'm almost in one year Sabbath since I have graduated from College, I am planning on reading it one of these days so I don't have much idea how her writing style is--but oh boy, I liked how she cleverly and creatively presented this one: in e-mail form.

At first I wasn't so sure I could read a whole book based on emails back and forth.

That's a mystery that will play a big part on the plot.