Air pods pro case. The 7 Best AirPods Pro Case Covers from ESR

Explore our range of carrying cases and case covers for the AirPods Pro wireless charging case to make your AirPods truly yours.

Carrying it around is equally very easy as it has a built-in keychain that you can attach to your belt or anywhere.

There is also a carrying strap, so you never lose sight of your AirPods Pro.

A steel carabiner and an anti-lost strap are included, which makes it easy to carry and attach it to your belt, bag, and more.

Genuine leather is made from natural cowhide, and with use, this leather can change characteristics, making the case unique.

And with the detachable carabiner at the disposal, carrying the earbuds remains secure and convenient.

And for this purpose, demand for the best cases for AirPods Pro has surged.

You do not need to take your AirPods Pro charging case out of this leather cover for wireless charging.

With precise cut-outs, you can charge your AirPods Pro with a lightning cable Apart from the high-quality leather construction, there is a magnetic metal clasp that makes it safe and sturdy to use as well as allows easy opening and closing of the lid
They combine great sound quality, noise cancellation, and that signature Apple build quality Plus, if your pockets are feeling too stretched out, you can always clip your AirPods to a gear loop using the included carabiner
What I have found really useful in this AirPods Pro waterproof case is the compact yet highly protective form-factor You May Also Like to Read… On A Final Note In order to have a splendid and long-lasting experience with your air pods, it is expedient that you consider its protection
A handy cutout at the bottom gives you easy access to the sync button, even when your AirPods are in the case The Catalyst Waterproof Case for AirPods Pro is 3
It also has a leather fringe tassel to complete the 'designer' aesthetic Aside from offering reliable protection from water, many of them can also withstand even nasty impact and keep scuffs at a fair distance
To me, it looks like a tiny old school briefcase that makes it stand out It comes with a gold keychain for easy carrying, and the color is a nice accent
A strap and stainless steel carabiner are included for extra ease The insides have smooth microfiber material
Do you really have to pick it up and drop it again? It comes with a metal carabiner for easy carry Do not attempt to charge wet AirPods Pro; refer to for cleaning and drying instructions

Check AirPods Pro battery levels from the iPhone.

Precise cutouts allow wired charging conveniently.

The AirPods Pro come in a Qi-enabled wireless charging case, which means you can just drop it onto a charging mat, grab them a while later, and everything is topped up and ready to go.

Testing consisted of full AirPods Pro battery discharge while playing audio until the first AirPod Pro stopped playback.

Volume was set to 50% and Active Noise Cancellation was enabled.