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Would there be any additional value of also purchasing the Venu SQ on top of Garmin Edge 830 or would you recommend to buy another activity tracker? The downside is that the Garmin Connect app doesn't give you any tips on improving your sleep quality.

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2 you recommend the puck charger, but neither amazon or the Garmin page indicate that Venu Sq is one of the compatible devices.

Just be warned that it does take at least 30 seconds to lock on to a GPS signal when you are outside regardless of whether you have your phone with you or not , which seems like an eternity if you're an impatient runner like me who just wants to get on with it.

I attached an image from an offroad bike ride.

This same information is shown on Garmin Connect Mobile as well, both with and without stress: There are also widgets for calendar information, weather, and smartphone notifications.

But wait, are you a female and feel like these things might not apply to you? 3-inch color LCD display feels a bit cramped compared to other Garmin watches, but it's clear and easy to read even in bright sunlight and you can keep the screen set to always-on.

— Changed from circle-design to rectangular watch — AMOLED Screen size was 1.

Vibration motor is weak• But sadly it died in an accident and is not recoverable.

So I try and find the best balance there.

I found Garmin's Body Battery meter, which takes into account heart rate variability readings, activity levels and sleep, a more accurate representation of how my body was working that day and helped me decide what kind of workout to do and how hard to push myself.

Gotta have standards I guess.

That gets you an ad-free DCR, access to the DCR Quarantine Corner video series packed with behind the scenes tidbits.

Note: All of the charts in these accuracy sections were created using the DCR Analyzer tool.

Simple math is 5-10 seconds per minute depending on your connection, tidal conditions, and moon phases.

Look, it was charged, sitting on my desk, and I was curious.

Although its screen is small, you can customize the stats you want to see, such as heart rate and pace.

Like other Garmin watches, the Venu Sq has Garmin Live Track which lets you share your location with a safety contact when you are doing an outdoor workout.

It then offered to guide me through a relaxation exercise.

Thank you again for a very detailed review.

20 fixed different bugs and known issues , I did not test it with previous SW version to confirm.

Unfortunately she finds the fonts to be way too small … I suspect anyone above 40 would have this problem.

It's faster to sync updates and doesn't experience any lag in selecting menu options or opening apps.

Menstrual cycle tracking is also available on the Venu Sq and like other Garmin watches, it offers pregnancy tracking to log symptoms and monitor baby movement.

It keeps things simpler when upgrading from an older device, or switching between watches.

Garmin has plenty of watch faces to choose from, including third-party options to help personalize the look, plus a fairly wide selection of apps through the Connect IQ Store a separate app you need to download on your phone.

Your database of all the reviewed products is extremely helpful.