Prädikat. Prädikat (Qualität)

Due to the amount of information the label some non-professionals and many consumers find German wine labels to be harder to understand than French or US labels.


Die Grammatik.

Erste Lage' based on 19th century Prussian tax maps.

toggle next menu level• These are divided into a number of subregions, which in turn are divided into 19 Landwein regions and must be trocken or halbtrocken in style.

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2011-07-26 at the , accessed on March 25, 2009• These vineyards lie within Bereich Bernkastel, which provides an additional choice for labelling They are of the same size as a typical Einzellage and could be thought of as Einzellagen which were so famous that they were excused from displaying the village name
Maximum sugar level is twice the acid level, but no more than 15 grams per liter Auflage
17, vereinfacht; englische Version dort zitiert aus der Grammatik von Quirk et al Taste, such as dry trocken or off-dry halbtrocken• Haeger, John Winthrop 2016
toggle next menu level• Ice wine: made from grapes as ripe as BA, but harvested when it is at least minus 7 degrees celsius and pressed while frozen so that only the fruit concentrate is squeezed out To counter the shortcomings of the 1971 law, the VDP nowadays classifies the best vineyards by its own rules into 'VDP
level e This system is undergoing some changes, but these terms are still relevant and helpful
04 - the wine was tested in 2004 In most southern growing areas, higher requirements apply