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As you can see, I actually use my for this.

If I were stranded on a desert island with one form of substanance it would be this sauce without a question in my mind.


I have had great success making homemade mayo with this little baby, as well.

The recipe makes enough for 8 to 10 servings at two eggs per plate and a reasonable amount of sauce.

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Eggs Benedict is my favorite meal and I don't even like "breakfast"! date date:"dd.

This hallandaise sauce was apprarently created by god and given straight to my girlfriend.

Add 2 tablespoons cold butter, and place over very low heat.

This was super easy quick and a great consistency even though I used only three tablespoons of butter rather than the full amount.

With all of the above changes it was fantastic.


Ooh, Baby! It's WAY better without the Dijon or Tobasco! It's kind of like spoiling a deviled egg with Miracle Whip instead of good mayonnaise, or like killing a good apple pie by drowning it with cinnamon.

I've struggled with hollandaise sauce in the past and now those days are over.


Place the butter in a glass measuring cup.