Blöde mütze. Blöde Mütze! (2007)

The acting was superb.

Aber sie scheint einen Freund zu haben - und zwar Oliver! Hey they even gave Moniva Ivancal a tolerable part and she was working, which is pretty impressive as she is very unlikable to me and also not an actress in my opinion.

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Schoolboy Martin, bright but small for his age, has to move and change school because of his mother's new jobs, while only his father really tries to understand him.

Even before he reaches class he bumps into cocky, athletic rascal Oliver.

Pretty complicated! Jahr : 2007.


Even before he reaches c.

It was a simple story told in a profound and engaging manner, which made you easily connect with the characters on an emotional level.

I found it yesterday and I finally got to see it today.

PDF-Datei; 248 kB Einzelnachweise [ ]• I also liked Eisleb a lot in the Frau Holle film she made after this one here The video game instructions and box are included
bei• I had been trying to find this movie for a while as I am a big fan of this particular genre Produktionsland Originalsprache Erscheinungsjahr 95 Minuten 6 , , Johannes Schmid, Philipp Budweg, , Johannes Schmid Besetzung• : Susanne Kreitmeier• Die gleichnamige Romanvorlage stammt vom Bruder des Regisseurs, , und erschien 1999
Rating: 8 : Oliver Huber• I give this film here known internationally as "Silly's Sweet Summer", another reference to how one boy calls the other I believe, a thumbs-up
We see how he tries to overcome, not only his problems, but those of the people around him as well It's a shame they apparently all chose other career paths away from the film industry
Even before he reaches class he bumps into cocky, athletic rascal Oliver
The VHS or DVD box is included August 2008 im• Zum Schluss sind Martin, Silke und Oliver gute Freunde geworden; das offene Ende beantwortet allerdings nicht, was aus der Liebesbeziehung von Silke und Martin wird
: Ludwig Huber• in der englisch mit Trailer und Fotogalerie• PAL DVD
Minimal wear on the exterior of item Martin denkt vor allem an Silke, die ihm den Kopf verdreht
: Kathrin, Silkes Mutter• in der• It is really worth checking out thanks to the good writing and authenticity from start to almost finish and actually that last scene really made me want to go for a swim. vom 16. I thought this was beautifully depicted by the director and the way his character development and relationships flowed was also great to watch. Er kann sich dabei auf drei ausgezeichnete junge Darsteller — Johann Hillmann, Konrad Baumann und Lea Eisleb — verlassen. The cover art and liner notes are included. . : Lehrer Altmann• Go see it. ist ein deutscher Film von aus dem Jahr 2007. No damage to the jewel case or item cover, no scuffs, scratches, cracks, or holes. The film is never preaching anything, actually it depicts these characters as rather unlikable such as the main character's mother.