Versunkene apfelkuchen. Versunkener Apfelkuchen (German Sunken Apple Cake)

Golden Delicious, Gala, Granny Smith, or Boskop apples, all taste great in this cake.

Thank you! The freshly picked apples became tender while keeping their shape.

Push the apple pieces gently, at random, into the cake so they sink slightly into the mixture.

9-inch and 10-inch pans work both.

Die Form auf dem Rost in den Backofen schieben.

We have a hobby apple orchard, so around this time of year I am always looking for new twists to my apple repertoire. I tell you, there is definitely something special and very I need another piece about this cake. Next time I will add a little more water. My 15yo grandson made this for his German Class project last year. You basically mix all the ingredients together, press the apples into the mixture and pop the cake into the oven. I don't think it's that sweet and I'm not a fan of super-sweet desserts. Want to try this easy Apple Cake Recipe? The pears were a little softer than the apples, so the dough surrounding the pears was a little more moist but not too moist.