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If the record was from a citizenship roll, it was called a cancellation list Once the conservatives regrouped and launched their successful counterattack across Germany, many of the reforms promised in March 1848 were forgotten
In the , it fought on the side of against , but retained its autonomy in defeat, because a greater part of the country was situated south of the Main river and Prussia did not dare to expand beyond the Main line as this might have provoked France The most important rivers in Hesse are the and rivers in the north, the in the central part of Hesse, and the and in the south
1861—1864:• While most of the Bremen passenger departure records were destroyed, about 3000 of them from 1920-1939 still incomplete have survived and are stored at the Bremen Chamber of Commerce specified "trhtml! 25 March 2012
was elevated to the rank of an in 1803, but this remained without effect as the was disbanded in 1806 [on this website] List of emigrants from the village of Hegensdorf in Nordrhein-Westfalen
Also includes the nearby village of Keddinghausen shift ;i
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Bayern Bavaria has over 130,000 entries from FamilySearch; images only, not indexed; emigration records cover 1805-1874 mostly for emigrants from Mittelfranken, Bavaria; part of the Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society's Databases Alphabetical Index of 19th Century Emigrants from Stockstadt am Main to America Brandenburg free to search with registration Hesse Hessen Emigration database from the Hessen State Archives in Darmstadt• Select Event Type• References [ ]• often were kept years before government records were required and are a good source for finding ancestors before 1900 I Can't Find the Person I'm Looking For, What Now? From: Emigrants from Legden• Emigrants from Gronau and Epe• 1831—1834:• "undefined"! It has an area of 21,110 km 2 8,150 sq mi and just over six million inhabitants
Status of application• Place of origin• This compiled list can help you identify possible relations that can be further verified by researching in the country• 1814—1831:• A color-coded map showing all of the districts kries in Germany will display the absolute distribution of names in a county, as well as the relative distribution of that name indicating how many persons there are in proportion to the population of a county Keep in mind that there may be more than one person in the records with the same name• Our mission is to deliver superior quality products and to provide a unique experience and services for our customers
Select Name range or Description to view the images How Do I Analyze the Results? Aufnahmen von Buergern und Beisassen Acceptance of citizens and residents [ ] This collection consists of loose sheets arranged alphabetically by last name and then to some extent by given name 1871—1872:• A few subsequent rebellions drew some popular support in 1849, but they were easily crushed and their leaders executed or imprisoned
Kostenlose Nutzung der bzw Die App liefert Dir folgende Vorteile:• 1885—1894:• 1814—1831:• The Family History Library has copies on microfilm
At that point, the assembly disbanded 1837—1838:• The cultural region of Hesse includes both the State of Hesse and the area known as in the neighbouring state
1949—1965:• window View the Images [ ] View images in this collection by visiting the• 1831—1834:• Depending on the time period, either German Civil Registration records or German Church records may be more useful• page 186-214• Many of these emigration lists will have a variation of the German word "Auswanderer" in their title
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