Strandkorb festival wiesbaden. Strandkorb Open Air_Wiesbaden

14 Para. You can decide for yourself which categories you would like to allow. ticket. Das Hygienekonzept des STRANDKORB Open Airs, verbunden mit Urlaubsfeeling und Live-Acts, ist ein Erfolgskonzept in diesen etwas anderen Zeiten und wurde sogar mit dem Deutschen Tourismuspreis 2020 ausgezeichnet. The existing active check boxes must be checked in order to the client to purchase event tickets through this ticket shop. Upon purchase of a ticket through this ticket shop, the client and the respective organiser enter into a contract with regards to the participation in the event and to the event offered. advertised are not a binding offer; they simply serve to enable the client to submit a binding offer to ticket. io cannot influence, such as server and email system downtimes. io by the client.
io is not liable for uninterrupted use or accessibility of the tickets and services offered, neither for transmission delays, faulty transmissions or storage failures or for any restrictions of the offered products and other services on the domain ticket io and the client, excluding the UN sales convention
The e-mail confirming the purchase order further contains a link to the tickets purchased; thus, accessible in electronic form and available in a printable version io or the respective organiser promptly
Beim STRANDKORB Open Air erleben Sie Ihre Stars live! Material obligations are those which must be fulfilled in order for the contract to be properly executed, which jeopardise the contract purpose if breached, and which the contractual partner can duly rely on being upheld ticket
In this case, ticket io offers events and concerts of various organisers
ticket 3 Before submitting the legally binding contractual offer, the client may notice incorrect entries when carefully reading the information displayed on the screen
io is not an organiser of any of the events offered in the ticket shop and cannot be held accountable as organiser for damages that can arise in connection to an event 4 ticket