Easys cuxhaven. World War I: Cuxhaven Raid

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The planes would have to be launched from the sea.

Attractions are best admired from an elevated vantage point.

Each aircraft was armed with several 20-pound bombs, which were the standard RNAS bombs of the time.

The sight of the huge silver airships gliding effortlessly through the sky was impressive, and the English press could not exaggerate the threat these airships presented.

Estrange Malone was in command of the three converted seaplane tenders, the seaplanes and the actual execution of the aerial attack on Cuxhaven.

The aircraft engines of prewar years could not attain the power or range to present anything other than a short-range threat of a few hundred miles.

The great nations of Europe raced to develop airplanes, but the science of these machines was still in its infancy.