Paul janke. Paul JANKE Obituary

He is also survived by many nieces and nephews.

I felt comfortable working with him on a number of challenging initiatives.

In camp, the gear was new or nearly new and it all worked.

I next felt a great peace settle over me as though Uncle Curt was there letting me know that he moved on to bigger and better places.

And of course his biggest smile ever.

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Like many celebrities and famous people, Paul keeps his personal and love life private.

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He led the charge to bring excellent medical care to the community.

After we both went different directions; Paul to Coos Bay and I was laid off.

He was the beloved husband of the late Mary Ann Janke who passed away in 2011.

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Paul is survived by his wife of 41 years, Patty, and sons Collin Alicia Meyers , Joel Gwendolyn Giddens , and Reed.

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In minutes you'll be walking away with her number and a good chance of seeing her later that week, or even later that same night! Paul was a graduate of the former Lansdale High School, class of 1948.