Loch lomond single malt. Loch Lomond 2006

Sadly its now an old dog, senile and a bit dribbly - there are stains on its bean bag and it smells weird.

Sure, in the meantime you have the Chivas-Walker-style-hybrid come whatever it is.

In addition to producing for the private and bulk market, the company also bottled and marketed whisky under their own labels including Loch Lomond, Inchmurrin, Inchmoan, Glengarry, Clansman and High Commissioner, but the malts never really got the attention they deserved and aside from a small annual output of original bottlings, Loch Lomond single malt was mainly the preserve of independent bottlers.

This continues into the palate, which has a lovely honeyed sweetness.

So today I write about the last Loch Lomond mini from my stash that I have tasted but not yet captured.

Hopefully, an understanding and long term view is maintained. Maybe knowledge flows out through your ears? The Adventures of Tintin — Captain Haddock to be precise I must say, this is not interesting in any way. The good times will have to end, but for now they no doubt expect to enjoy the trappings of all this madness, eh? They also have other malts under the name of Loch Lomond — the 15yo and Peated, to name a few. I decided to give the bottle some time. They were later re-opened in 1987 by Alexander Bulloch with the help of the Glen Catrine company. I grabbed this because it was cheap, but should have paid 5 dollars more for Glenlivet Founders Reserve or Old Pultney 12. A proper single malt Scotch for when Irish is too smooth and Islay malts feel a bit too difficult. Loch Lomond Single Malt is the entry level bottling for the distillery, while Loch Lomond Original is their subtly peated single malt. Inspired by the 1960s whisky boom, he established Loch Lomond in partnership with Chicago-based Barton Brands who subsequently bought him out in 1971, but later closed the distillery in 1984 when boom turned to bust.