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Everyone must fight back using new fantasy forms.

The first thing which points out the further decision on renewal is Date A Live Vol.

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This of course isn't as exciting as the initial announcement, but we're sure fans will enjoy the upcoming new season while still appreciating all of the work that went into the light novel series.

Therefore, Date A Live Season 4 might premiere only by the end of 2020.

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Both Date A Live Season 4 and a Date A Bullet anime adaptation were confirmed to be in production.

The first season adapted the first four novels, the second season adapted Volumes 5 through 7, and then J Now a days everyone's r copying there idea
Staff or any company related to the production of the anime has officially confirmed the Data A Live Season 4 release date After all, with the way the third season ended, how bad could the fourth season be? The good news is that the light novels currently provide plenty of source material for Date A Live Season 4
Second Date A Live anime project confirmed Staff served as a developer for Date A Live Season 3, which premiered on January 11, 2019
Wish there will be nxt anime seasons till the complete The story picks up thirty years after the last cataclysm
The story centers around Itsuka Shido is a high schoolboy So, does that mean Date A Live Season 6 will adapt the final ending from Volume 22? Staff, or any other studio announces the renewal or even the exact premiere date, we will update this page
The Date A Live anime adaptation is coming back for more! That's why we think that it's time to talk about a next season The Date A Bullet anime key visual that was released in March 2020
On the last day of the spring holidays, an explosion destroys the town and a girl in armor appears in front of him Having lost faith in humanity, Nia falls in love with the 2D world of manga and video games
Details are light, so keep your eyes peeled here for further info while we wait for this and the spinoff anime adaptation of Date A Live Fragment: Date A Bullet It turns out that this girl is, in fact, a cause of all these tragic natural disasters, since she is a spirit from another dimension
Pic credit: Tsunako Date A Live anime fans have good reason to rejoice Expecting season 4 is pretty understandable for the fans, and for their satisfaction, here is everything we know about season 4
However, many of the key staff members from the earlier projects returned for producing the third season, including director Keitaro Motonagam, producer Chiaki Kurakane, character designer formerly key animator Koji Watanabe, and series composition writer Hideki Shirane. The ninth Spirit is named Nia Honjou, but she happens to be called the Second Spirit because Nia happened to appear on the Earth after the First Spirit. Mukuro can also create wormholes to teleport… and to drop meteorites down on the Earth in retaliation for the attack. As a result, each time your favorite anime series comes to an end you must wait so long, before a studio opted to pick up the series for another round. Since then, smaller spacequakes plague the world on a irregular basis. . We need thereby at least three new volumes of the original light novel series. Artemisia plays an important role in relation to another major character whose introduction in Volume 12 was skipped by the anime. But one day, in an attempt to rescue his sister from the epicenter of Spacequake, he encounters a mysterious girl in armor. He also learns that Kotori is the captain of the airship Ratatoskr and recruits him to make use of his mysterious ability to seal the Spirits' powers and stop them from being a threat to mankind.