New corona rules berlin. How Berlin's new Covid curfew and contact rules affect you

Shopping no longer requires a test but shopkeepers must keep a list of shoppers Attendance documentation not maintained: 500 to 10,000 euros• The same applies to visits to hospitals, rehabilitation centres or facilities for the disabled
Frequent hand washing also remains an important factor in containing coronavirus However, employers are called upon to allow office workers, and employees who do similar work, to work from home or on a mobile basis
Fully vaccinated persons for whom the final vaccination against the coronavirus took place at least 14 days previously Hermannplatz• or by
Most pupils are expected to study at home, with the help of digital platforms Discover or go on a Berlin tour with an audio guide
All participants must have a negative test result In addition, participants must maintain a distance of at least 1
Outside, up to 5,000 people are allowed to attend such events - provided they keep minimum distances Since the situation is constantly changing, you should inform yourself at short notice before the planned trip
Since August 20, people who have not recovered or been vaccinated are subject to• Emergency care may be provided if needed at schools which have yellow or red levels. Employers do not need to offer home office for their employees. Outdoor gatherings of up to 100 people are possible. This means, up to five persons from up to two households will be allowed to gather outdoors, 24 hours per day. READ ALSO: Why was there so much confusion? Children up to 14 years old are allowed to train in fixed groups indoors without any prior testing. Which Regulations Apply as Before? Not wearing an FFP2 mask can be penalized with 50 - 500 euros. The consumption of alcohol is prohibited in public green areas until the end of September 11, 2021. More stringent regulations apply to persons entering Germany from virus-variant areas: Exceptions to the quarantine requirement apply only to fully vaccinated persons who have been immunized with a vaccine that is sufficiently effective against the respective virus variant.