33 kw in ps. Nissan SD33 (3.3 L) diesel engine: specs and review, horsepower and torque

Again, this power unit can be found by a torque translation using a similar equation to that of the Watt: Horsepower can become a tricky business however, with values measured in different ways The Volkswagen 181 has a 4-speed manual transmission
Horsepower was deemed equivalent to a horse moving 33,000 pounds of mass one foot in one minute For example, find the current of a circuit with 1kW of power at 120 volts
We do not recommend using provided information for engines repairing engines or spare parts ordering, use only official service manuals and spare-parts catalogs Horsepower is an imperial or United States customary unit of power
Je definován jako výkon, při němž se za 1 sekundu vykoná práce 1 joulu Exterior alterations were limited to clear instead of amber-coloured indicator lenses, new wheel covers and alloy wheels, the adoption of side skirts by all models, and a redesigned front grille; two-tone paint schemes were discontinued
The cylinders inside are boxer-arranged Zavedl ji James Watt, když chtěl na konci 18
It was the 1,712 cc boxer from the 1 These rays can be transformed into each other by a revolution or rotation
Standard equipment included bronze , , passenger side and a The vehicle's steering mechanism is worm and roller type
The formula will solve for current in amps Also new four wheel drive version was introduced called the Permanent 4, which was renamed to Q4 starting from 1992
The unit kilowatt is commonly used to express the electromagnetic power output of broadcast radio and television transmitters The official engineering standard for metric horsepower is the amount of power needed to lift a 75kg of mass one metre vertically in one second, which — once the conversions from imperial to metric are applied — equates to a 1
Revisions included the use of three piston rings instead of five, piston oil squirters and spin-on oil filter instead of a paper cartridge type If outside there were only detail changes, the interior was more deeply revised; starting from a more conventionally designed dashboard and steering wheel, which superseded the innovative moveable instrument binnacle
The 33 was discontinued in 1994 and replaced by the , which used the same but built around an entirely new platform based on the But they can be found in almost any country of the world
Although considering the rise of the electric car, it would make a whole tonne of sense to start switching, as the capabilities of electric motors are measured using kWh Kilowatt hours which dictates how long the electric motors can produce a certain amount of power for Equipment level was also the same as on the richer Quadrifoglio Oro; ride height was raised in comparison to standard 33s
Ta však měla trochu jinou velikost a od roku 1980 už není povolená The efficiency of the device can be converted to a power factor by , this is the power factor
It equals to one thousand watts October 1984 saw the introduction of the updated 1985 range, later displayed at the 60th
The exhaust valve with a stellite-treated surface Power units are always the headline figures associated with any new performance car and can provide interesting comparisons between cars across the entire spectrum of automotive production
The alternating three-phase is slightly different from the single phase as it has an additional option of selecting the type of voltage For example, If you have a direct current with 10 kW and 6 V , then your current result in amps will be 1666
The engine has a drop-forged steel crankshaft with balance weights, all main and connecting rod bearing surfaces are induction-hardened It is a conversion calculator that converts the power from kilowatts and voltage in volts to current amps