Specialized stumpjumper 2021. Specialized Stumpjumper 2021

I've dropped about 4' on the epic and taken the medium lines at the jump park. Tyres Specialized Butcher GRID 2. . The history of the Stumpjumper Specialized introduced the Stumpjumper in 1981, the first mass-production mountain bike. [Reply] : "And my point isn't that high end bikes are the only option, but rather that if someone goes to look at a bike that they'd need to do all the cool shit they've seen on redbull and pinkbike, they're not going to go buy a Trek Wahoo. Want to build your own dream Stumpy? There's some flex as I can hear the brake rotor jingle when I lean but it's minimal and I don't think it impacts the performance for general trail riding. this bike has similar travel numbers and frame weight to the Trance X. Long story short I cracked my SJ link and they didn't warranty it saying it was misuse. The proprietary shock mount and Autosag were eliminated, so this generation Stumpjumper is compatible with most aftermarket shocks.
. That'll help your cause when you get off the boring gravel roads and into the fun technical uphills, of course, with the Stumpy being a better dance partner than the softer Blackthorn or P-Train "trail bikes" in those moments. Those wide oval tubes stick out a good bit past that rubber chunk, and the rubber is very thin at the edges. With that being said, these are good bikes, if you wanna buy it definitely go for it. So why the change? My money is on the former. Things on my trail bike must-have list include ISCG tabs, a threaded bottom bracket, room for the biggest of big bottles inside the front triangle, and loads of effective frame protection. The result is that the Stumpjumper is a much better climber, with better efficiency and outright rolling speed.