Festool. What Happened With Festool?!

Just trying to make lemonade from a few lemons.

Why would I spend 900 dollars more for a Miter saw? Developing first-class power and air tools literally in the hands of tradespeople is quite another.

Is there a less exspensive way to get buy for a while.

I am generally more concerned about specialized tools that are expensive for the average user.

We are the specialist; for joiners, cabinet makers, timber construction, carpenters, painters, varnishers, renovation and restoration.

I do own a couple of smaller Bosch items and am very happy with them.

Respirators and air cleaners go a long way for any shop Where is the added value that Festool brings to driving a 2 phillips? Integrated, removable Protector provides protection to abutting surfaces as well as the pad for up close sanding applications
We are the trades specialist; for joiners, cabinet makers, timber construction, carpenters, painters, varnishers, renovation and restoration Champion, its great to see your open view and i hope it gets more blokes to follow you as you show everyone that anything is possible and wooodwork is a love not a dresscode
The dream shop will always have the best of the best but a well thought out shop will always have the same versatility but without breaking the bank I appreciate you moving on and beginning to test out and report back on new tools
Enjoy comprehensive services with our warranty all-inclusive, for example three years of replacement in the event of theft I am willing to pay the extra if there was something in particular you liked about the Rotex or if the dust collection was materially better than the Bosch
Most companies have a contact page that you can use but social media is also good, such as Twitter and Facebook We all know how much you love your Festool gear
It is also one of the few I have seen with even a nod at dust collection If we make dust, they wear protective gear
We feel Festool Power Tools offer exceptional long-term value for those who depend on their tools and want the best woodworking power tools So when I got to a place financially when I could dive into this almost lifelong dream, I knew my learning would be through the internet and a lot of trial-and-error
Thanks again for all that you do, Mark B Hi Marc, I applaud what you are doing and the explanation you are giving us fans of yours The reviews on line are excellent especially in tool comparisons