Whatsapp februar 2021. WhatsApp moves forward the date to accept its new terms to May 15

Most apps often update their terms of use, but the latest 2021 has caused quite a stir.

Contents• My best guess is that it is primarily aimed at targeting you with more personalized ads and services.

Reduce Data Usage For Calls If you are running on a tight budget for internet data then WhatsApp allows you to.


Jan 06, 2021 11:22:41 IST Last on Tuesday, WhatsApp started to rollout in-app notifications to users informing an update in its Terms of Service and privacy policy.

Can a third party access my WhatsApp? They will then go to people gradually to review the policy at their own pace before May 15.

WhatsApp Calling Limitation WhatsApp calling feature is not available in some countries.


They are quite vague about that.

If you are using other apps for chatting then continue with them if you like using them.

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The exodus was so large that has been forced to delay the implementation of the new terms, which had been slated for 8 February, and run a damage limitation campaign to explain to users the changes they were making.


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, will be shared with Facebook WhatsApp's updated ToS
These Business accounts can now use Facebook hosting services to manage their WhatsApp chats, use Facebook branded commerce features such as Shops, and display an ad on Facebook to message the business directly on WhatsApp techradar
It just seems that this is where Facebook is headed with the new policy In case you are an existing WhatsApp user then you can know about the disadvantages of the messaging behemoth
techradar But best of all, Signal does not share your data with any third-party company