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de aus der aktuellen Kollektion 2021. Understanding consumer behavior in this new environment will help guide marketers to proactively react. Our IntentKey AI has analyzed the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and it is no secret that consumer trends have shifted, from shoppers looking for essentials, distractions, or items that fit their new changing lifestyles both while at home and after the pandemic begins to subside. Hier finden Sie topaktuelle Schuhe, Mode, Sportbekleidung und Sportartikel von Top-Marken. Wall Decor• These unique interest concepts and data points allow us to understand and identify audiences far beyond traditional audience segmentation techniques. Jede Schuhliebhaberin wird hier ein passendes Paar finden! Lieferung nur innerhalb Deutschlands. Diese werden in unserer Kundendatei gespeichert. Aktionspreise sind nicht mit weiteren Aktionen oder Gutscheinen kombinierbar. Patented Technology Inuvo has patented intent based audience categorization technology specifically built to extract consumer intent from engagement with digital content.