Graves counter. ▷ Counter Graves and Tips

This is my priority ban if I want to play rek'sai in high elo His strengths are clear speed and clear safety, not ganking, much like you
This is all just from my experience though Once you hit level 4 thats going to be your ideal time in the early game to allin graves, so make sure that you set up your wave appropriately so that you have room in lane to run him down with your all in
Dont flip a invade vs graves since he either beats you or just outruns you with phase rush Once you reach the late game you can start considering to duel him as Shadow Assassin if he has no stacks on his Quickdraw E
This build is effective against tanks and carries alike It is necessary to use it AD champions
Items that counter Graves The following objects have to be used to help face Graves Caitlyn This champion does counter Graves, since we know Caitlyn has a wide range of Graves damages, no
He'll deal some damage to you even through your E, but you have your Q so you shouldn't worry. Outrun them farm whatever they dont and if they invade you, invade them opposide side. This item has to be channeled, before facing Bass, in order to activate and be able to hold Q or R Bass. In recent years, he has reconciled a troubled partnership with Twisted Fate, and together they have prospered once more in the turmoil of Bilgewater's criminal underbelly. Graves is the most effective marksman jungle so far. is the Queen of the mid lane.
If they don't just invade him and steal his raptors or wolves On average, Ekko wins a acceptable 49
He's strong both early and late, so be careful with him One thing you should pay attention to though is his grit stacks
He does deal a lot of fucking damage though and he likes to go for crit items Unfortunitally, Ekko has done a poor job of beating Graves
Once you get close to him, it'll be hard but you can win if you've finished Warrior Graves is a hardcounter to Rengar
Graves is my permabanned champion every single time I queue up for ranked no matter the elo Just be wary when jumping on him, he can easily dash away which leaves you vulnerable if you do not have Void Assault
He is dealing huge dmg, he can 100-0 you with Q and two autos BUT you have bigger mobility than him, which is good because he needs to shoot twice and reload He's strong both early and late, so be careful with him
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