King kong lied. Monarch

Enemies and other characters• 's minions and look near the waterfall.

Other appearances [ ] The "Diddy Kong Suit" from Super Mario Odyssey Diddy was to star in both and as a main character and a sidekick, respectively, but these games were canceled before they could be released when moved to Microsoft.

Projectiles• In Mario Sport Mix, his special move is throwing a banana like a boomerang which stuns opponents after being hit by it.

2017• DLC• High-End• Any opponents that return his power shot have their controls reversed and a banana picture shows the effect.

I'm Diddy Kong! In the Castle Club's Royal Room, he is seen looking at a bowl of bananas.

. Objects Items• " —• His eagle or better animation show him flying so high on his Barrel Jet out of joy that he ends up in 's atmosphere next to space, leaving him completely shocked and baffled. Aboard the flight, Serizawa and Graham explained that the Titan in containment, codenamed "", was likely another apex predator that rivaled Godzilla. The outcome continues to be a subject of fandom debate. The Great Depression wiped him out financially. While Honda initially disagreed, he instead focused with Sekizawa on developing the script as a critique of television and corporate advertising, stating, "Mr. Diddy Kong in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest In , Diddy Kong is the main hero.