Fluke 87v. Fluke 87V

Drive measurements Input side measurements Any good quality True RMS multimeter can verify proper input power to an ASD.

1 x 21.

Connect the red probe to one of the other two phase output voltage or motor terminals.


Includes a unique function for accurately measuring noisy at the VFD and at the motor terminals.

Range -328 Degrees to 1994 Degrees F• Waterproof and dustproof IP67 case for the most extreme work sites• TLK-220 A handy all-in-one kit that is ideal for industrial applications.

With the filter selected, the readings for both voltage and frequency motor speed should agree with the associated drive control display indications, if available.

Place the clamp around each of the output phase cables in succession, recording each of the readings as they are taken see Figure 6. Figure 4. In most cases, either the input current exceeds the maximum current measurable by the current function, or it isn't practical to "break the circuit" to take an in-line series current measurement. Technical Specs• Includes an analog bargraph for fast changing or unstable signals• Max. Withstands drops up to 13' 4 m with industrial strength casing and holster• For these tests, the motor is running at 50 Hz. This will be the reference phase. Selectable filter for accurate voltage and frequency measurements on motor drives• Backlit keys for dark environments• A significant unbalance may lead to erratic drive operation and should be corrected when discovered. Select the AC voltage function. Select the ac voltage function. Place the clamp around each of the input supply phase cables in succession, recording each of the readings as they are taken.

Place the clamp around one of the output phase cables.

This allows the meter to reject all of the high frequency noise generated by the drive controller.

As you go, take care to take accurate measurements.

Figure 4.

Memory Yes• Output side measurements On the flip side, a regular True RMS multimeter can't reliably read the output side of a pulse width modulated PWM motor drive, because the ASD applies pulse width modulated nonsinusoidal voltage to the motor terminals.

The low pass filter also allows for accurate current measurements when used with Hall-effect type clamps.

No test instrument is completely safe if used improperly, and many test instruments are not appropriate for testing adjustable speed drives.

This will be the reference phase.

This unit features an IP67 rating, making it waterproof and dustproof.