Bielefelder kennhuhn. Bielefelder Kennhühner kaufen

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But let's also have a little fun! The birds don't take as long to mature like other large breeds.

The fine folks at Überchic Ranch are dedicated to producing quality food whether it be an animal or plant product.

Maybe it is just a big difference in male and female.

All the eggs that we received were in fantastic condition.

They breed true, but chicks are sexable by color at one day of age.

Created in the 1970's by Gerd Roth.

Our Bielefelder chickens are one of the most docile breed of chicken we have ever had. These are great birds for both meat and eggs. Collecting eggs is a breeze as the hens are well natured and do not peck you. Eggs hatch out fluffy balls of auto sexing chicks. Bielefelder Kennhühner kaufen und verkaufen dhd24 ist eines der führenden Kleinanzeigenportale Deutschlands. We were one of the very first to obtain the first import from them in 2013.