Depot lippstadt. Paderborn Lippstadt Airport

, , 27x• 274th Airborne Battalion Reserve , Iserlohn• 7th Medical Company• 1st Ordnance Battalion, Royal Army Ordnance Corps, Verden• 3x Light Surgical Field Hospital Companies with 2x platoons each and 3x operating rooms per platoon, treating wounded near the frontline• 4e Divisie, , NL• British rear and communications zones [ ] During the , the support units of the would have formed the British Rear Combat Zone Command headquartered in , which would have supplied the fighting forces and guarded the lines of communication within.

142nd Infantry Battalion• , Leopoldsburg, 42x AIFV-B-C25, 4x AIFV-B-MILAN, 3x AIFV-B-CP, 4x Scimitar, 4x Kanonenjagdpanzer, 4x M30 107mm mortars• 321st Panzergrenadier Battalion, Schwanewede, 13x Leopard 1A1A1, 24x Marder, 12x M113• 180th Transport Battalion Reserve , Bad Rothenfelde• Found on ammunition made 1946 and earlier.

, 4 Chrysler, Irvine CA 92618 800-61READY.

513th Materiel Support Platoon Light Antiaircraft Artillery Reserve supporting the air-defense battalions of 101st Anti-Aircraft Group• , Royal Engineers, , UK• 335th Panzer Artillery Battalion, , 18x M109A3G• 300th Light Aviation Squadron, Deelen, Alouette III• I Corps Artillery, , NL• , Nuremburg, Germany 3 U Union Metallic Cartridge Co.

6th Military Police Company, Cologne• , ,• 22nd Intelligence Company, Intelligence Corps V , London, UK• 70 kilometres 43 mi to the west.

304th General Hospital, Royal Army Medical Corps V , UK• 51st Brigade Medical Company, Stroe• , Montreal, Quebec, Canada 3 D Dum Dum Arsenal, Calcutta, India 11 D E.

c1950's England: Willems Bks, Aldershot.

Staff Battery, 3rd Artillery Regiment, Stade• 41st Armored Engineer Company, Seedorf• 1960's:?? 12th Signal Brigade V , , UK - the brigade would join BAOR within 72 hours of mobilization.

Staff Company, 32nd Panzergrenadier Brigade, Schwanewede, 8x M577, 8x Luchs• 503rd Specialist Team Bulk Petrol , Royal Engineers V , Camberley, UK, tasked with repairing damage to the• 22nd Air Defence Regiment, Royal Artillery, Dortmund, 24x self-propelled and 24x towed Rapier missile systems• 24th Airmobile Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps, Catterick• Ltd, Doncaster, Yorkshire, U.