Toom coburg. toom Baumarkt Fabrikweg 7 in 96450 Coburg

Tactical air support was diverted to supporting the regiment. 754. At 19:00 PAVN rocket fire ignited the base ammunition dump : K-7 At 21:00 a column of 18 PAVN tanks was spotted in the area, an Air Force gunship arrived at 23:00 and began to engage the tanks with its 105mm cannon. Ba decided to pull up nine M-41 tanks and to direct all that fire to the enemy position along with helicopter gunships. On 6 June, the PAVN's B3 Front Command mobilized their last reserve unit, the 66th Regiment to cover the withdrawal of all remaining within the town. Starry, Donn 1978. 1972. , : Result South Vietnamese and U. The 28th PAVN Regiment came from the north and the 64th and 141st PAVN Regiments attacked from the south. The PAVN occupied bunkers and buildings in sections of the city and were too well fortified to be destroyed by air or artillery attacks.