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Do I Wanna Know was my favorite song performed from last night In 2013, they achieved worldwide acclaim for AM, which included the hit singles "Do I Wanna Know? This was by far the best concert I have ever been to
In concert
How can that not make anyone crazy with joy? " On the UK Singles Chart, the track instantly debuted at No Mini Mansions were quite a decent support act - their set included a few fillers but ended on a high with an energetic rendition of Mirror Mountain
And these guys aren't even in their 30's yet! But since I've already written so much, I hope you divide to go because it is a truly unforgettable experience A perfect night
Although the Lemon Twigs were down a brother With Brian having to go home due to being ill it did not effect their electric performance, finishing the set with one of their best songs 'As Long As Were Together' I love them more after this concert! " and "Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High? Flash Seats
It was open so you weren't going deaf, there was a little more space between each person, and the sound was able to get to everyone without being overwhelming
After that, all that worried me was completely gone as I soon found myself every single second The most surprising thing was that I thought it wasn't going to be a very good concert due to the fact that I paid for last minute seats in the back, but honestly, it didn't affect the atmosphere at all! Their songs are just that powerful
During the show, there were a lot of cool lights and everyone was having a good time Meanwhile, his lyricism was derived from a particular fondness of ; in fact, Turner has praised and for their creative impact on his songwriting
They feature music from their first release to their last, create a powerful atmosphere for fans, and Alex Turner interacts with the crowd in a refreshing way with his exotic accent Turner
My only regret? Turner is also known for his work with , an English super-group that has released two albums so far: The Age of the Understatement came out in 2008, and Everything You've Come to Expect followed it up in 2016