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8 1989 37. The four parties stated they would support Bodo Ramelow for Minister-President, and that he will lead an interim government for the next 13 months until the election is held. Abgerufen am 19. Kitson, Alison. 6 39. According to the Thuringian Constitution, an early election may be held if, at the request of one-third of its members, the Landtag votes with a two-thirds majority to dissolve itself.

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In exile, the party used the name.

Nachwende-Landesvorsitzenden, kommen die Sozialdemokraten nicht aus dem Dauer-Tief.

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And yet, when it comes to red and green, some have a feeling that the hard confrontation with red will only really start under Maier.

After making gains in the , the SPD's became Chancellor 3 1990 33
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On 17 November, the state executive nominated parliamentary group leader Mario Voigt as their preferred lead candidate Er hat drei Kinder mit seiner getrennt lebenden Ehefrau und eine 2020 geborene Tochter aus einer neuen Beziehung
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The classical left-wing of the SPD claims that in recent years the welfare state has been curtailed through reform programs such as the Agenda 2010, , and the more stance of the SPD which were endorsed by centrist social democrats Banned
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