Alternatives spleißen. Differenzielle Regulation des Zytokin

In the first transesterification, 5' end of the intron is cleaved from the upstream exon and joined to the branch site A by a 2',5'- linkage.


14 5 : 802—13.

It encodes a protein known as CGRP.

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The U4,U5,U6 complex binds, and U6 replaces the U1 position.

: Initial sequencing and analysis of the human genome.

Together, these elements form a "splicing code" that governs how splicing will occur under different cellular conditions.

Researchers hope to fully elucidate the regulatory systems involved in splicing, so that alternative splicing products from a given gene under particular conditions "splicing variants" could be predicted by a "splicing code".

In: Gene Ther Mol Biol The abnormal isoform of the Ron protein encoded by this mRNA leads to
Flores K, Wolschin F, Corneveaux JJ, Allen AN, Huentelman MJ, Amdam GV September 2012 Since the methods of regulation are inherited, this provides novel ways for mutations to affect gene expression
Isoform E encodes a highly unstable protein, with the last 36 aa inducing an extremely efficient downregulation also when attached to heterologous proteins In males, exons 1,2,3,5,and 6 are joined to form the mRNA, which encodes a transcriptional regulatory protein required for male development
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Li-Byarlay H 2016 103 22 : 8390—5
The inhibition of both kinases altered the phosphorylation pattern of SR proteins Under prolonged hypoxic conditions, cells decrease their energy consumption through a decrease of proliferation rate
The Journal of Biological Chemistry Lander u
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