Genshin impact xiao build. How to Build Xiao in Genshin Impact?

But things will be different if you manage to get him to at least C1.

I have the utmost respect for Xiao.

But obviously this is extremely technical and almost no one would be willing to do this simply for the E buff, just thought it needed to be mentioned for full clarity.

This makes it so that he can survive better.

I start with 2 charges.

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There is so much misinformation about his skill and the stacking damage buff going on in this thread.

His Elemental Skill allows him to strike from the air and come crashing down on foes.

Even at C1, you can't maintain it forever because all charges share the same 10s cooldown, which is longer than the duration of the passive.

His cold, edgy demeanor is a result of spending most of his time isolating himself from humans I haven't really invested too heavily into looking at Homa just because it's currently based on leaks which are fairly accurate, but still leaks
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I have seen Jinx's input on the combo stating it to be the most optimal , but I still think in terms of consistency it's rough Charged Attack: Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to perform an upward thrust
So take this build as a reference or a starting point, and work towards your ideal build for him His ascension stat is Crit Rate, same as
Then, choose the best weapons, artifacts, and teammates for him