Tamburin. What does tamburin mean?

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They are often played by women and bridesmaids in wedding cases to lead the ceremony when bride walks down the aisle ", as heard on the album
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com The tambourine was also used in some acts, including the 1840s dance and musical performances of who was able to elicit a wide range of sounds from the instrument including the chugging of a steam train
96—97 Tambourine Other names , Buben 112
It is very typical of more traditional As attested , the youth gathered to dance to the rhythm of the bare pandero, with no other music instrument implicated but the player's a woman's voice
Living Through Pop In general terms, the tambourine comprises a series of loose jingles attached to a handle
By 1945, Salvation Army performances often entailed elaborate tambourine choreography performed by squads in para-military style, more for visual appeal than for musicality Brothers Jr
In classical music [ ] Percussionist in the , 2014 was among the earliest western composers to include the tambourine in his compositions of connected a tambourine to a foot pedal, for his left foot to operate like a
In , and military were referred to as buben Used for praise in in the early 20th century, by the 1920s the tambourine was firmly established as the primary percussion instrument of
guitarcenter The thumb or middle finger of the hand not holding the tambourine is run around the head of the instrument approximately one centimeter from the rim with some pressure applied
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