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14 September 2020.

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Shia called it "deeply shocking" and called the Saudi government "the center for spreading sedition and ideology".

In a tweet from 1 May 2021, journalist and activist said that Vahid was subjected to pressure to make forced confessions under the threat of execution.


Afkari had filed a complaint with the Iranian judiciary, and stated in an audiotape recording that was smuggled from prison, that his initial confession had been obtained under torture; the Iranian judiciary denied the torture claims, and Iranian state media broadcast a recording of the confession.

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Retrieved 19 September 2020 The embassy was empty during the protests
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Trotz internationaler Proteste: Ringer Navid Afkari in Iran hingerichtet Trotz internationaler Proteste Ringer Navid Afkari in Iran hingerichtet Von Der iranische Ringer Navid Afkari ist in seiner Heimat hingerichtet worden YouTube
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[ ] On 2 January, the day of the execution, protesters gathered outside Tehran's Saudi embassy, shouting "death to " from the original on 1 August 2016