Samsung q70t 65 zoll. 🥇 LG NANO85 vs Samsung Q70T : Which TV is better? 🤔

The Samsung is better for watching HDR content because it displays a wider color gamut, and despite not having a local dimming feature, it has improved dark room performance QN82Q6DTAFXZC,QN32Q50AAFXZC,QN70Q62AAFXZC,QN85Q72AAFXZC,QN55Q82AAFXZC• If you want a TV that can get brighter to deliver a better HDR experience, take a look at the
Account must be in good standing Game Mode Yes Auto Game Mode ALLM , Game Motion Plus, Dynamic Black EQ, Surround Sound, 4K 120Hz HDMI Port 4• Updated May 19, 2021: Updated the PS5's software and confirmed the TV now supports 4k 120Hz in HDR from it
1 source and firmware version 1403 QN65Q70TAPXPA• 2020 is mediocre
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The new smart remote keeps on disconnects every time the TV is turned off You acknowledge that you, not SAMSUNG, are responsible for the contents of your submission
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call c This is because when we tried to change any color settings, it made it significantly worse and introduced clipping
20W 2-channel audio• The 'Movie' EOTF follows the target curve fairly well until the roll-off, although 'Game' mode appears darker in general, as you can see pdf","fileModifiedDate":"Aug 07
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USB 2• Unfortunately the display of the NANO85 has the dirty screen effect Our unit of the QN55Q70T was manufactured in February 2020; you can see the label

Game Motion Plus can't be used when VRR is enabled.


However, it produces a less good picture quality in a dark room, which is due to the low contrast ratio and the shallow black.

The Samsung Q70T is decent for watching HDR movies.

The TCL is a flagship model that gets much brighter than the Samsung, delivering a much better HDR experience.


It flickers at 240Hz outside of 'PC' mode with 'Game' mode off.

In a shared entrance condo or apartment, the product will be delivered to the main lobby or building, not the individual unit.

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