Plug in hybrid. Plug

Toyota tested 600 in Europe and North America in 2009 and 2010. This well-rounded hybrid car is agile, responsive, and powerful. It achieves a combined 221 horsepower from its plug-in hybrid powertrain, which consists of a three-cylinder engine and an electric motor. Deliveries of the began in February 2013. It can drive about 16 miles on electric-only power. It also has one of the best combinations of safety and reliability ratings, family-friendly features, and interior space.

In addition, since the all-electric range of plug-in hybrids depends on the size of the battery pack, the analysis introduced a utility factor as a projection, on average, of the percentage of miles that will be driven using electricity in electric only and blended modes by an average driver.

The clean air benefit is usually local because depending on the source of the electricity used to recharge the batteries, air pollutant emissions are shifted to the location of the generation plants.

Reaching so deeply into your pockets pays off, though, as the Panamera may also be the quickest and fastest plug-in here.

This is the only mode that a can operate in, hence their limited range.

The legislation provided tax credits for the purchase of of battery capacity over 4 kilowatt-hours.

The was released in 2011 and was available for sale.

The will follow the A3 e-tron already in the market.

It also comes packed with standard features.