I got a small waist pretty face with a big bank lyrics. SMALL WAIST PRETTY FACE WITH A BIG BANG LYRICS

Now, you need to follow the tutorials that are made by a lot of dancers including Devon and Gabriel, and once you are perfect, you can record the video and upload it on TikTok. Big Bank TikTok Dance Tutorial: How To Do? This challenge was started by a TikTok user named Leah Anderson leahanderson88. As far as we know, the Big Bank dance was first made by two TikTok stars named Devon Moore devon. He a broke nigga Broke nigga , fuck nigga Fuck nigga I'm a gravedigger Gravedigger Cut a nigga off with the switchblades Switchblades Nigga talkin' shit because he bitch-made Bitch-made Diamonds on my neck and it's lemonade Lemonade You can see it through the window, Escalade Escalade 'Cause I'm tryna get paid, niggas tryna take my money, no way I'm a real nigga I'ma fuck a bitch real quick in my slippers Yuh Bitches on my dick, they gon' dance on my lap On my lap And if you talkin' shit, you gon' get a bitch slap Hahaha Yeah, I He like a mean bitch, not in the scene, bitch Ho Type of bitch I don't know about, shit Uh-huh I'ma pull up all-black in a new whip Flo Milli shit Tryna get rich, I'ma have to hit a lick Yuh Damn, he gon' drive me crazy if I let him What the fuck? devon. She think she lit but bitches still ain't on my level Bitch Every time he hit a lick, I push the gas up on the pedal I'm goin' home Let him hit it, now that nigga feelin' special Haha, he loved it 'Cause I got a small waist, pretty face with a big bank You mad, duh Look how you hatin' on a bitch and you my momma age Hah, wow I'm doin' great, I'm gettin' paid so why would I complain? To do this challenge, you will need to have some basic dance skills and if you have read this, we are pretty much sure you do know how to dance.