Dog brettspiel. DOG

The more you play the more they will learn about the game strategy as well. You have to move into your HOME exactly. Even though it should be self evident in all games which do not specifically allow this: any kind of consultation between players, or exchanges which cards you have, want to have or want to be played is against the rules. You can for example decide to move 2 spaces with one piece, 4 with another and 1 with a third. Danach gibt er den Kartenstapel an seinen linken Nachbarn weiter. The starting player moves clockwise each round. in der Spieledatenbank• Number of discarded cards• Man kann keine Zugpunkte verfallen lassen. The first thing we changed in the new version were the rules in order to increase the game-pace so that the game appeals not only to kids but even to experienced players. 🙂 Etwas un-sicher bin ich jedoch schon noch… darf ich das? 6 Felder weiter. We believe that you will enjoy the game as much as we do and have a great time playing.