Greys anatomy staffel 16. Grey's Anatomy Staffel 16: Alles über Start, Handlung & Co.

Excited by the possibilities, Meredith takes the idea to Bailey who initially denies the request; however, once Jo talks to her she agrees to the proposal.

One week later, Maggie reported to Mer, Amelia and DeLuca that her breakup with Jackson was sticking.

Richard delivers the news that her father Thatcher is dying of acute myeloid leukemia.

On her way out, Teddy realizes she needs to see Maggie due to a suspected blood clot in her femoral vein, fearing a potential.

Es ist demnach anzunehmen, dass Maggie Jackson wiederfindet.

This season is the first not to feature both as Dr.

When Paul brings up Zola, Meredith loses it and accuses him of killing her husband, causing him to have a seizure.

Amelia and Link work on a patient who is in risk of paralysis while they hide their affections for one another after their one night stand at the conference.

Wie Showrunnerin Krista Vernoff gegenüber bestätigte, hat man erzählerisch extra weit ausgeholt, weshalb es eine Weile dauern wird, bis wieder normaler Krankenhausalltag eingekehrt ist.

Dean asks Maggie out but doesn't get an answer.

While he is sent to Grey Sloan and operated on by Koracick with Amelia, Link, and Teddy observing, the trial is postponed until Alex brings dozens of Meredith's former patients in to give statements.

After Amelia's patient dies, her organs are directed to Cece since she's a match.

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Koracick macht Owen Kevin McKidd das Leben schwer.

After being in a bad mood all day, Koracick reveals to Bailey that he hates Halloween because his son had died two weeks before the holiday.