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Engine 2. The two berth Toleno L van conversion is compact, comfortable and distinctive in looks. Those details that count to feel free to do what you want, even in the furthest place. Free to explore without compromise, whatever the destination. Travel anywhere, rest at ease and explore to your hearts content in this easy to drive and comfortable compact van conversion. Known for its unique style, personality and affordability, ROLLER TEAM motorhomes are becoming increasingly popular throughout Europe. 6 Berth• 95 m• Please contact your local stockist if you require more information. The information displayed on this site is to be used for guide purposes only. Kitchen with built in fridge, washroom area with separate shower. You won't miss home, wherever you are.
Blown air heating• All the comfort of home, with an unmistakable style that combines with unique technological solutions. Motorhomes housing 4 to 7 passengers — alcove-type, semi-integrated, fully integrated models. Ladder at the rear of Motorhome giving access to roof rack. Based on the Fiat Ducato van, the Granduca 171 has power assisted steering and a highly efficient 2. Very good basic equipment! Rear bunks 2 berths• 4 Berth• High aftermarket value guaranteed in the future! 27 m• 4 5 optional Seatbelts• All data on this website is to be used as a guideline and not to be considered as accurate.