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A wash will normally be darker than the base colour, whereas a filter is likely to have the same tonal value i. Put on your rubber gloves before you begin to wash the walls to save your hands from drying out. Apply the wash method 2 The second method involves first wetting a section of the model by brushing it with thinner and then applying the wash on that section, as with the above step, while the surface is still damp with thinner. This is not just because the details are small, but because items like hinges and panel lines on the model will not cast shadows the way the full-size object would. So schnell und so einfach geht es: Die FLATWASH ist in 3 Minuten eingerichtet. Apply the wash method 1 There are two basic methods in common use. Female hand holding sponge with foam against black background I remember as a little boy living in the Burg we had wallpaper, that was actually made of paper, everywhere in our home. A wash is a very thin paint mix. Introduction This tutorial sets out the theory and practice of using a paint wash to improve the appearance of a scale model. We can tackle stubborn wall stains and many other household chores.