Harvey balls. How to create Harvey Balls in PowerPoint (2021)

Over the years, Harvey balls have found their way in PowerPoint presentations in the form of clipart and tables offering a great visualization tool to better explain comparisons and trends. They are commonly used in comparison tables to indicate the degree to which a particular item meets a particular criterion. Harvey Balls Table — Source: Pros and Cons of Using Harvey Balls There can be many advantages and disadvantages of using Harvey Balls in PowerPoint Presentations and other types of documentation. Poppel is generally credited with inventing Harvey balls in the 1970s while working at as head of their worldwide IT consulting practice. You need to download a free Harvey Balls font face and then install it in your system. To showcase Project Risks• While this seems is not originally intended to be as a Harvey Ball, the 3D Segmented Spheres template for PowerPoint has some 3D graphics that you could use to represent a Harvey Ball where a desired degree is represented by the sliced sphere. You can optionally click on [Do not embed common system fonts] to save some space in the file. This is especially when you might use them with various colors in the same visualization.
Step 2 Format the circle you just created in the Shape Format tab Naturally, you can also use this in PowerPoint, Word or any other application
This makes your two created shapes one and allows you to move your Harvey ball around as a whole As a subscriber, you will get access to our entire catalog of PowerPoint templates where you can download the pre-designed Harvey Balls
Useful for Project Tracking and Other Purposes: Harvey Balls are also used for project tracking in project management, as well as in value-stream mapping, lean manufacturing, Astronomy, Meteorology and Cartography If you found this Harvey Balls PowerPoint tutorial useful, do look around our site
Use of Harvey Balls for Project Tracking• Hold Shift again while drawing a partial circle in the same size of the circle you created before It is this simple to create this icons with Harvey balls PowerPoint tutorial
Free Harvey Balls PowerPoint Template This is the easiest way to get your Harvey Balls into PowerPoint presentations The icons come in various categories including; accessibility, analytics, animals, apparel, arrows, arts, body parts, bugs, business, celebration, commerce, signs and symbols, sports, technology and electronics, tools and building, vehicles, weather and seasons, etc