Zodiac signs symbols. 12 Zodiac Sign Symbols with Meanings, Astrological Glyphs

The beginning of life is associated with the youthful and free-spirited characteristics of Aries.

Pisces zodiac sign symbol: the Fishes The Fishes represent two forces that might seem opposite but in fact, are part of an union.

Its glyph is a bull's head with large curvy horns.

Admittedly, some of them can go to extremes searching for that harmony - which can make their situations unreasonable or unhealthy.

Since lion is the king of all beasts, Leo represents human beings' ability to express themselves and to explore the potential, so Leo people often show a kind of generous and noble temperament.

They are generally quite optimistic, and they love being placed in leadership positions.

Zodiac Symbols• Their happy and outgoing attitude towards life makes them pleasurable to be around.

We are a reflection of the heavens and its beautiful, interlocking complexity.

Leo, the zodiac's Fixed Fire sign, is steadfast, passionate, courageous, showy, and needs to be the center of attention. Leo people are excellent and charming in many ways yet often get vain and proud, so they need to be sober. Virgos are ruled by Mercury, which means that they have a natural need to be right all of the time and seek perfection in everything around them. Leo governs sports, leisure and other entertainment matters. Cancer people look cold outside yet are full of kindness and warmth inside, which shall be released appropriately. ; however, the Chinese zodiac has origins dating back to 2637 B.