Making the cut store. 'Making the Cut' Season 2 store: Week 3 winners, reviewed

Compared to , the second installment of has been a low-energy, less exciting affair. I created reality blurred 20 years ago as a place to collect interesting links I found. The cohesive looks were inspired by a woman named Amanda who died in the 1800s at the age of 19. The next episode brought a twist -- the two designers were to go head-to-head in a never-before-done challenge. We see Graham sourcing a historic floral-patterned rug textile from , heading off to grab some army blankets from a surplus store and swinging by a graveyard where he plucks a name off a faded, moss-covered headstone.
This story has been shared 1,059 times. The three finalists, Andrea Pitter, Andrea Salazar and Gary Graham, were each assigned to create a concept store at the Row DTLA. 744• I can only thank Amazon for their professionalism and their understanding. We welcome your feedback at. 546• For her new looks, she opted to add some color — specifically a sunny shade of yellow — that appeared in a range of silhouettes including dresses and flare-legged trousers.