Mz regensburg. John of Austria (Messina)

After the destructions of the , it was moved again to its current location in 1928 John is figured holding a three-pronged in reference to his command of the triple alliance of , the , and the , with his foot on the severed head of a vanquished Turk generally considered to be
A copy of the statue was erected on Zieroldsplatz in , John's birthplace, in 1978 on the fourth centenary of his death The monument was initially located between Messina's Royal Palace and the Church of Our Lady of the Pillar
On the sides of the are bronze plaques depicting the fleet, the battle, and the fleet's victorious return to Messina as well as an inscription
Its erection was decided by the Senate of Messina in 1571 to honor the victor of the , from which many Messineses had benefited, and it was dedicated in 1572 Following damages during the , it was moved in 1853 to face the Church of Santissima Annunziata dei Teatini
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