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Cayetana confronts Phillipe about the videos, and he explains it is recorded as evidence in case of any sexual assault claims, which he has gotten in the past In season 3, he resumes his school studies and enrolls at Las Encinas
He dealt drugs to make enough money to move out " Another said: "I have cried a lot, but thank you for this
16 8 "0 horas desaparecido" "0 hours missing" Dani de la Orden Breixo Corral 6 September 2019 2019-09-06 Lu and Valerio's father catches them in an explicit situation Finkel lists explicitly examples, including that when Elite has sex scenes, they are often about the woman's pleasure; that a character who believes abortion is murder is still ; that when a male character is come onto by a drunk girl that he likes, he sends her home; that it explores social and class differences when young people ; that the gay male sex scene is sensual as well as explicit; and that it features characters including a young man unashamedly nervous to lose his virginity and a straight, white, wealthy, woman who is
Moncloa Ander and Omar reconcile
Music [ ] Lynn Fainchtein serves as the music supervisor of the series 2018—2021: Serie• Samuel and Guzman continue their plot to bring justice for Polo's crimes
Polo gets arrested — Francisco Ramos, producer On 17 July 2017, it was announced that Netflix had given the production a series order for a first season; it is the second Netflix original series in Spain after
2020: Friends Miqui Brightside• Retrieved 10 January 2020 Dazed 14 November 2018
Exceptional performances from AronPiper and JorgeClemente! He would do anything for his friends Ver Tele in Spanish
He is wealthy and puts on a performance to appear to be a 'good' Muslim Her father forces her to attend, in order to convince Yeray to invest in his company
She is also extremely wealthy Omar worries about Samuel's fate
He breaks up with is girlfriend in season 4 and gets close with Ari The first season, consisting of eight episodes, was released on Netflix on 5 October 2018
Samuel finds out his deal with the police was a trap to find his brother's location season 5• Retrieved 14 April 2021
In the scene, Paola says that she using the sarcastic term of endearment "darling" "querida" in Spanish , which the creators liked and has since become a catchphrase on the series 15 October 2018