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45 minutes Advanced Intro to Automation Migration Toolkit to convert F5 Configuration to NSX ALB Configuration. Task Virtual Services Convert 1 VS - 1-10• We will walk you through the scripts available in the Toolkit, common flags leveraged in a migration process and any additional scripts in the toolkit to complete a full migration with the validation process. Health monitors perform this function by either actively sending a synthetic transaction to a server or by passively monitoring client experience with the server. Overview In this lab we will complete two different migrations, a basic migration and an advanced migration utilizing the F5 migration tool. Auto Allocate is Selected• 30 minutes Basic Using Events, Alerts, Logs and analytics dashboard to troubleshoot your application. Non-significant logs are not shown when the page loads. Controller The Avi Controller is a single point of management and control that is the brain of the entire Avi Vantage system, and typically deployed as a redundant three-node cluster. The tenant associated with a user account defines the resources that a user can access within Avi Vantage.