Roku gin tonic. Roku Gin

Traditional gin taste in the base, plus characteristic Japanese botanical notes including yuzu Japanese citrus fruit as the top note.

I tried mixing with grapefruit tonic but it was overwhelmed by the grapefruit.

Most refreshing Cocktail since the last proper Mai Tai I drank.

The gin comes in a truly gorgeous bottle with the label printed on Japanese washi paper.

That being said, fans of complex botanical gins, and especially Martinis might be well advised to give Roku a look.

Stirred it all, then added some crushed ice didn't have any cubes left and added soda.

As a gin on its own, I found it good to be enjoyed Neat.

With the addition of Roku to its portfolio, Beam Suntory now boasts a differentiated and unique gin offering, spanning the standard, premium, and super premium segments of the category — with Larios, Roku, and Sipsmith respectively.

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Virginia Finish : The crisp Japanese sansho pepper brings a little spiciness to the finish
For some, the water used to dilute the liquid to bottling strength defines the final product, too If you post a picture or link, you must include the detailed recipe in comments: measurements, and detailed steps
The Atelier owns four distinct types of pot stills and, in a process unique to ROKU, the botanicals are distilled separately according to each feature of botanicals to extract the best flavour and maintain their individual characteristics Specific things to drink• Roku Gin Tasting Notes Nose: Sweet, blossom, floral, pepper, fresh pine Palate: Delicate, fresh juniper, green tea, bold, peppery Finish: Smooth, citrus, floral, clean Roku and Merchant Heart Tonic Serving Recommendation Due to its complexity and nature of unique botanicals, Roku gin is a beautiful gin served neat
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8am - 6pm The result is a complex yet harmonious gin with a smooth and silky texture
Also be sure to visit our neighbors! Inside every bottle of Roku Gin, you will find six very special botanicals that are sourced in Japan, such as Sakura flower and leaf, Sencha tea and Yuzu peel Palate : Complex, multi layered, yet harmonious flavour of various botanicals
Enjoy in a , served with ginger slices! This unique liquid was born out of a vision to create a truly authentic Japanese product to meet demand for a crafted, premium gin with a distinctive and balanced flavour Sipped neat, I believe Roku Gin approximates the experience of an amaro more than it does the platonic ideal of gin
Need a Vaccine? Notes of green tea citron and pepper briefly emerge as it quickly quiets Heavy, leafy hints of green and early grey tea
Finish: The crisp Japanese Sansho pepper brings a little spiciness to the finish Finally, I also thought it made a good Negroni