Diversity kompetenz. Diversity Kompetenz, soziale Verantwortung und Führungspersönlichkeit

Himmel, S. You will notice that many students face situations similar to your experiences. , Handbuch Diversity Kompetenz S. We see each person as a combination of various diversity categories. Hoffman, E. Diese Unsicherheiten wahrzunehmen und ihnen nicht sofort durch starre Regeln oder eine Abwertung der Anderen zu begegnen, kann eine Herausforderung darstellen. Rather, it is important to link them at the individual and societal level. Integrating Practice Guidelines Into Professional Training: Implications for Diversity Competence.
Multiple Comparisons Among Means Local level• Econometric Theory
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Participation in structural measures and professional trainings are among the most promising ways to sustainably reduce unconscious bias see the Principles• How was the knowledge from my field instrumentalized in history? eds Handbuch Diversity Kompetenz
This includes, among other things, a critical examination of the history and the current state of your field of research Blackwell Publishing
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You can begin by critically examining your own field of research for issues related to diversity European Union• Diversity Competence
Prejudices, especially those that are unconscious, quickly lead to discriminatory behavior Ein kompetenter Umgang mit Vielfalt beginnt bei der Wahrnehmung von Unterschieden und Gemeinsamkeiten zwischen Menschen
Anscombe, J Work-life balance: a thematic focus• 83-