Pcr test hamburg spielbudenplatz. EcoCare

Yes, the CENTOGENE tests are suitable for children of any age group.

This test requires a nasal swab.

The institution must draft an infection control concept according to section 6 and collect the contact details of the participants according to section 7.

there must be testing hours according to number 4 c to suit the visitors;• all performing persons must maintain the minimum physical distance of 1.

Welcome to Hamburg.

The use of saunas, steam baths and similar facilities is only permitted individually or by a group of persons according to section 3 2.

3 For gatherings in closed rooms, the following requirements apply:• must undergo antigen rapid testing on the facility premises according to section 10d.

The prohibition of entry expires for visitors who can present a negative test result according to section 10h before the period of 10 days, with the provision that the underlying testing was done only after returning.

Antigen rapid tests must fulfil the minimum requirements of the Paul Ehrlich Institute in consultation with the Robert Koch Institute.

Our staff and security officers have been instructed to process disabled people as a matter of priority.

Investors• We will check your support ticket carefully.