Überbrückungshilfe studierende. Überbrückungshilfe für Studierende kann ab sofort beantragt werden

Is there an age limit? letzten Bankarbeitstag vor der Antragstellung.

Therefore, it is important that you state at which higher education institution in Germany you are studying.

your declaration about your emergency situation caused by the pandemic must concern the current month; thus, you have to upload new or updated documents or self-declarations.

Such applications could be other emergency funds, foundations or sponsoring associations, and 6.

In the case of higher education institutions without relevant student service organisations, the German National Association for Student Affairs Deutsches Studentenwerk — DSW will determine which student service organisation is responsible.

1 Aufenthaltsgesetz.

Why do I have to provide an e-mail address and mobile phone number when making an online application? Please submit your application via the website a demonstrable pandemic-related emergency prevails at the time of submitting the application and• 4 No
Organisationseinheiten• The Federal Ministry of Education and Research BMBF is again helping students who are demonstrably in a financial or economic emergency situation owing to the corona pandemic with grants from November 2020 to March 2021 Average income from self-employment before the Corona pandemic• Specify the reason for the failure or of the reduction of maintenance• What is the interim financial aid for students provided by the Federal Government? Even a PayPal account? If the reason for the pandemic-related loss of income dates back longer than the two months before the current month, e
No, interim financial aid is an additional contribution by the State to mitigate the consequences of the pandemic on students I am an international student
If you cannot find your higher education institution in Germany only higher education institutions — but no other schools — are eligible in the following list, please send an Email to 1 You will then receive a new application-ID
Yes, you must only provide comprehensive documents regarding the pandemic-related emergency In addition, a declaration must be made about the amount that is still available on the day before or on the bank day before you submit your application
5 Par you assure that you have not filed any further applications for allowances as comparable support during a pandemic-related emergency situation for the month that you are now applying for
listed below carefully and completely, and follow them point by point when applying for a job! Antragsentscheidungen einzusehen applications for part-time jobs, offers for self-employment